Our Quality

Our roast master transforms exceptional green coffee beans into superior quality coffees in our very own roaster. We like to take particular care in the choice of our coffees, their storage and, finally, in the roasting process. We are integrated in a network, which allows us to make direct contact with plantation owners in the most important coffeeproducing countries. As these are the best coffee qualities available on the international market, we are willing to accept that their prices are well above the global market’s standard.
Our D&B gourmet coffees are roasted according to the traditional slow roasting method using low temperatures (160 – 200°C) in our gas fired drum roaster – we consciouslydistance ourselves from industrialshock roasting methods. Since every kind of coffee requires a different degree of roasting, we continue “hand-roasting” our coffees. The hot coffee beans are then quickly and gently cooled using fresh air. We have decided not to use water for the cooling procedure, as this has a negative effecton the coffee’s perishability. The generalframework resulting in some of the best coffeequalities in the world has thus been achieved.

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